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Tired of Stepping, Swimming & Playing in Dog Poop?

Pathogens (bacteria, viruses, and parasites) found in all pet waste can spread diseases directly to humans and other pets that come in contact with it. So not only is it gross to step in, it can be harmful to humans and animals.  It is recommended that home owners pick up and toss waste into the trash from their yards once per week. However, anytime dogs poop in public areas, waste must be picked up and properly disposed, and if you do not, you can be fined.  

The City of Columbia would like to help you keep your neighborhood clean and pet waste-free by providing your neighborhood with a BagSpot pet waste station. To join the program, each organization or group must:

  • Designate a team to promote the Trash the Poop program in your neighborhood
  • Recruit 10 residents to sign a Trash the Poop pledge form
  • Agree to install a pet waste station
  • Agree to properly maintain the pet waste station
  • Agree to inform residents of the presence of the pet waste station

Each neighborhood that joins the program will receive:

  • A presentation by City of Columbia staff explaining the program to residents
  • One pet waste station, including a sign, bag dispenser, starter case of bags, and post (concrete or installation hardware is the responsibility of the applicant)
  • Promotional material for the program including:
    • Posters
    • Leash bag dispensers for residents who sign the pledge
    • Bumper stickers for residents who sign the pledge
    • Recognition on the Trash the Poop website


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