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You can help keep stormwater clean in your community!

Leaving dog waste on the ground can cause more than messy shoes and dirty looks from your neighbors. It also has a negative impact when rain washes it into our waterways and becomes harmful to your health and your pet’s health, too!

Richland County’s water quality monitoring program has found high levels of E. Coli in several local creeks which means it’s time for us to do our part to keep our waterways clean by pledging to Trash the Poop.

Richland County Stormwater Management will provide neighborhood associations pet waste stations* in exchange for pledging to:

  •  Install the pet waste station
  •  Form a committee, or recruit residents, to help maintain the station
  •  Inform residents of the location of the pet waste station

Each neighborhood that joins the program will receive:    

 One pet waste station (sign, bag dispenser, starter roll of bags, and installation hardware)

 Leash bag dispensers for residents who sign the pledge

 Recognition on the Richland County Stormwater Management website and the Richland Countywide Stormwater Consortium and Trash the Poop Facebook pages

*Richland County will only provide the pet waste station. Any construction and/or additional maintenance is the responsibility of the participating neighborhood.

We’ll come to you!

Need help forming a team to maintain your pet waste station? We will come to your neighborhood association meeting to provide information about the program and how it benefits everyone. Click here for more information on Richland County Stormwater Management services.

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